You can travel anyplace in the world and remain free in

private homes or lavish lodgings. How? By either of the

following methods: 


Join a Cooperative Exchange and Travel Club (recorded underneath) for a

small yearly membership charge. As a Travel Club Member you will

get a rundown of upwards of 5,000 names and addresses from all

over the U.S. also, all through the world. Just members get the

list. As a member, you offer your home as a halting point for

good individuals when it is helpful for you. Consequently, you

remain for free in any of the more than 5,000 homes all through the

world! A large portion of the individuals who have a place with thee clubs are

intriguing, audacious and fun-cherishing.

On your next vacation enjoy the individual contact of remaining in

another person's home. See the world on a shoestring and enjoy

yourself. Here are a portion of different advantages of a Travel Club


* Develop a friend through correspondence relationship

* Find individuals with comparative hobbies

* Exchange home ( as opposed to remaining with members)

* Drop seeing someone (on the off chance that you incline toward not to remain with

members, you may very well visit with them to find out what

is going on in their general vicinity, etc..An starting contact when

visiting a far off spot will make for an increasingly enjoyable



Become an "Outside Agent" for a travel organization, a visit control or

co-ordinator for gathering visits.

Go to a huge travel organization and contract with them for a free

trip (All costs paid!) in return for you tying down 20 to 30

individuals to go with you on a gathering visit.

How to protect others to travel with you? Fundamentally through your

individual, social and business contacts. Think about a spot that

contacts may get a kick out of the chance to visit. You can get an uncommon markdown

gathering rate for them. They will save money on their outing and you will

travel for free. 


Still again,it is conceivable to choose yourself as President of

your non-profit organization and have the organization supply you

with a free vehicle will all costs paid. On the off chance that your organization

is a congregation related partnership, you could visit Europe for free,

to visit church buildings, for instance. A congregation can fund-raise by

"selling" contracts, degress and other shoddy papers for hundreds

of dollars.

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